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The Idea(s)



     An eclectic visionary and psychonaut focusing conceptually on world- and self-investigations--- I create immersive installations by using carefully curated imagery, objects, and personae as the catalysts to propagate paradoxes concerning the mysteries that surround the current human condition. By combining performance art with multi- media sculptures & environments, I present inter-disciplinary research projects that blend the boundaries between ritualistic occult magick, spirit science, and social experimentation. 


     The work secretly acts as a didactic presentation of radical, novel, and imaginative ideologies inspired by historical research and embellished by make-believe.  Oftentimes, viewers create their own meaning behind what it is they think their experiencing, however, each project always has a hidden message, or secret, behind the veil, for viewers to discover on their own.  As an individual, my entire body of work serves as a sort of personal enigma in line with the quest to unlock our body and mind’s true potential to ascend beyond the physical plane.  I strive to create situations and experiences for viewers to do the same. 

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