The Idea(s)



The encouragement and constant yearning for honest self-expression lies at the core of the creative process. My particular bodies of work represent and demonstrate internal wars between egotistical realms of identity, nostalgia, and conspiracies based on hyper reality. My art is my quest. The true action and adventure lies in the (PRO)cess of creation. Intelligent design. All final remnants are presented simply as such: evidence of investigation. Number one tool for research is myself and that which constitutes the ideas that conform to project idealized visions of the future through my own critical assessment of the past. Possessing a hunger for new adventure, my preferred medium/subject matter, along with content, remains fluid, always changing. I concentrate on various procedures concerning many of traditional and non-traditional art practices (i.e. Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Sound, New Media). Conceptually, I address many different topics associated with the ideas concerning the evolution of consciousness. Throughout the actual process of "making" the art, I constantly exemplify the usage of social politics, collaborative public displays, events, circumstantial situations, happenings, propaganda, public-action, documentation, presentation, personae and performance. Within all of this, I harp on the thought of carving life out with art; projecting tomorrow's reality internally, today. Paying close attention to it all, really trying to make each day and every part of it more beautiful than the last with a response. Making an active attempt to change our world for the better by any means possible. I deliberately focus on ideas that are commonly perceived as being highly speculative, difficult to conceive and generally problematic by nature.