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Hailing from Greensburg, PA on the edge of the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania, Gabe is an artist, researcher and activist.  As a young man hungry for adventure, he pursued my BFA at Western State Colorado University.  There, he specialized in traditional print-making and formal aesthetic theory.  Years later, Kenney returned to school seeking my MFA at Pennsylvania State University.  Here, he focused more on conceptual and contemporary art theory and practice, while still obtaining a strong emphasis in printmaking.  Since then, I developed a framework that demonstrates arts true power to incite sociopolitical awareness and advocate global reform in a provocative yet entertaining, aesthetic manner.

A fanatical lover of food, music, science and a true explorer at heart, Gabe travels this world in search of novel interactions with the public and their environment. New experiences breed new data, new data breeds new knowledge and new knowledge breeds new reality.

Gabe serves as the president of 




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