The Method(s)


           My work focuses on multi-media installation design, inter-disciplinary research, esoteric philosophies and political activism. I use imagery, objects and personae as symbols to propagate bizarre metaphors and expressions concerning the perplexing human condition as well as eclectic visions of the future. I create installations to immerse viewers and then proceed to actively perform within that space.


            As a performer, I communicate with the audience in an inexplicable manner, combining public speaking with spoken word poetry.  I choose specific wardrobe, language and demeanor to establish unique roles.  Each role, or “character,” represents an investigation concerning a cultural, political, spiritual, or personal idealism.  An exaggerated facet of my own ego inspired each of the characters and I view them as “Parallel Identities” rather than “Alter Egos.”  Each character has is it’s own unique personality when compared to the others. I pair these personae with familiar everyday signs and symbols, and then interact with these items within particular installations to entice and engage audience members.  


           My exhibitions are strictly project based.  Each one obtains it’s own agenda, or mission. Each agenda undoubtedly proposes an underlying message concerning notions of self-awareness and social reform.  Printmaking is used as a tool for distributing information and propagating the “messages” that subliminally align with each character and/or environment displayed.  I use traditional and non-tradition print techniques in order to replicate intricate geometric symbols, text and patterns.  Also, printmaking is used along side many other reproductive methods that aid the distribution of radical political idealisms, evidence of scientific research and common historical conspiracies, paradoxes and anomalies in the form of visual propaganda.


            My projects are didactic presentations of abstract ideologies embedded in historical research. Conceptually, my process of creation is an on-going search into the great mysteries of life.  The subjects investigated are all problematic ones, typically misunderstood or overgeneralized by the public ie; Ontological illusions, conspiracy theories, esoteric philosophies, alchemy, the occult, the Sacred Sciences, the School of Mystery, Cosmology, Astrology, Magick, Etc. The work serves as a catalyst to help the audience reevaluate their current circumstance and the nature of the world around them.  Calling attention to the patterns and paradigms that encompass our reality, participants and audience members are called forth to further our collective investigation into who we are, where we are, and what we are doing here?